Our ring blower which is widely used in plastic machinery blowing , extruding, laminating, coating, weaving, printing, cutting, loading, welding, drying, conveying and heating, because of its unique functions of blowing and in draft. It is also useful for aquaculture to increase oxygen, environment control and Fishery Machinery.

Ring Blower is a new type device of gas source, which is most made of aluminum alloy with high-intensity and anti-fatigue. It adopt drive style with special motor and don't need any shift gear. So it has advantages of tight structure, small volume, light weight, low noise, no vibration, low power consumption, stable performance and so on. meanwhile , the disgorged gas source it don't contain moisture and oil .

ˇ´ Higher-pressure and vaccum New shaft-impeller design .The Ring Blower can produce continuous high-pressure airflow.
ˇ´ Low noise-This new shaft-impeller design with the special silence material can eliminate the dB of noise which caused by cutting wind.
ˇ´ Low vibration-Every impeller through computer Dynamic balancing minimizes vibration . by the way, all the housing case and impeller by the CNC machine precision working
ˇ´ Light weightˇDsmall volume