TAI-YIH SUN 3- Rotor Roots Blowers are new series Roots type blowers. We made precise 3-Rotors Roots Blower by advanced technology center machining machine using 4-spindle simultaneously be finished . It can reduce the tolerance of multiple- operation machining, and promote the precision of machining, also it will get a perfect gap between Rotor and Rotor to promote air performance , lower noises and vibrations.

  It results a significant improvement as traditional 2-Rotor Roots Blowers for lubricate bearings and gears with grease but Tai-Yih Sun Roots Blower be designed to add oil by double oil box .It is very convenient to maintain and oil has a better lubricating effect than grease. So it could be a longer life for bearings and gears.ĄDĄDĄDĄDĄDĄDĄD
  Roots Blowers compress air by two rotors' rotation in the contrary direction. Rotors do not contact under high speed rotating. Although only a 0.1~0.3 mm gap between two rotors. And it does not need add lubricating oil between rotors. So it can transport clean and none oil moist air.


CNC Multi-Process Machining Roots Blower Air Box Structure

3-ROTOR BLOWER'S design can control back flow pressure to rotor so that reduce power consumption.

Pressure pluses are the major noise source of blower.
3-ROTOR BLOWER can decrease noise by approximately 5dB.

Less vibration through transmission of ROTOR. The bearing life can keep 20% longer.

2-ROTOR Conventional blowers result in pressure pluses and vibration rob power and shorten the life of every bearing , gear and other drive train components.