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Your Best Choice Quality and Service



Check it the model, model No., horse power, shaft direction, gear ratio, revolution direction and input/ output shaft revolutions are in accordance with the standard.

Check carefully the oil level to make sure that the oil volume is sufficient and maintains above the middle of oil gauge.

Figure 1


A flat and solid base is one of the requirements for installation.

The environment for installation sha 11 be dry and well ventilated, with ambienttemperature at 0° to 40°C. Abnormal high or low temperature shall be dedicated.

Please pull the pin out of the oil lid before use.

Figure 2


If coupler is used to connect input or output shaft, make sure they are firmly fixed and paralleled. The base seat shall be anchored with proper bolts.

All of the components shall be properly assembled to the shaft. Avoid hammering and over tight assembly which could damage the bearing.

The pulley, chain pulley and gear sha11 be assembled as close to the bearing as possible to minimize the curving stress. The chain pulley and belt pulley used to connect the output shaft shall be properly chosen(within 6 times as large as the diameter of output shaft) and used in accordance with H7 tolerance so as to keep out of abnormal noise and harm to the shaft surface.

Proper amount of grease can be app lied to BV and HB input hole to ensure the hole against over wearing and making abnormal noise.

The application of anti-rust paint can keep the shaft from rusting.

Figure 3